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10 Winter Adventures

Even though the temperature has dropped its still really important to get outside and get your 'dose of nature'. Just 5 mins outside can lift the spirits, especially in children and teenagers!

Doing things as a family helps create lasting memories, so why not make some this winter - and see how many outdoor adventures you can complete this season.


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1. Find the biggest tree in the park or wood

Find the biggest tree

Track down the tallest or the one with the widest spread of branches or perhaps find the tree with the widest trunk. Who will you crown 'King of the Wood'?

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2. Take part in the worlds biggest bird survey

The big garden bird watch

Over 500,000 people took part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch. Sign up and help by counting Suffolk's birds in your area.

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3. Watch a Robin in your garden & dig him up some dinner

Feed a Robin

Why not dig over some soil and give these friendly birds a tasty treat?

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4. Break the ice on a puddle

Break the ice on a puddle

Get your wellies on and having a cracking good time! 

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5. Hunt for treasure on the shore

Hunt for treasure on the shore

Head for the coast after a big storm and its amazing what you will find washed up on the beach.

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6. Take a night time walk

Take a night time walk

Grab a torch and wrap up warm. The natural world after dark is a fascinating different sort of place!

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7. Spot snowdrops in the wood


Spot snowdrops in the wood


These tiny flowers are white and wonderful and can be found in small clusters or forming complete carpets. There are lots of lovely places across Suffolk to see these flowers.


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8. Build a nest box and put it up in your garden

Build a nest box

Construct a new nesting place from off cuts of wood. Give it a good garden location and wait to see who moves in.

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9. Photograph a frosty morning to share with the world

Photograph a frosty morning

Whatever chilly picture captures your imagination - pop in online for all to see. #40adventures


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1O. Be the first footsteps in the snow

Make your mark by taking an early morning walk in the snow.

Be the first footsteps in the snow

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