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Go fishing for crabs

Go Fishing for crabs

Have a crabbing competition! 

Try crabbing down on the quayside at Walberswick or other spots along our Suffolk coast, such as Old Felixstowe, Ramsholt, Woodbridge, Orford Quay, Waldringfield. The list of places stretches right up the coast!


How to go crabbing


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Crabbing Guide (Gone Crabbing)


Safety First

  • Check the surroundings and make sure it's safe.
  • Male crabs can be aggressive towards each other so don't put too many of them together in a small bucket.
  • Keep crabs in a bucket full of sea water away from direct sunlight.
  • Be sure to release the crabs back into the water afterwards.
  • Ensure small children and those who cannot swim are supervised at all times.

Not sure where to go?

Our map will give you a few ideas of places to visit.

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